New York Most Fascinating Workplaces

New York, which is commonly referred as the City That Never Sleeps or the Apple, offers some of the best fascinating offices in the world. These offices have something in common like friendly staffs, warm working environment and endless inspiration without leaving their workplace. A recent study has researched on quality of views, wall color and furniture to make a list of most fascinating offices in NYC.


The New York City headquarter of most successful tech company ever Bloomberg is as famous as the company itself. The office stands in more than 400,000 square feet at 120 Park Avenue which is workplace for more than 6,500 employees. Bloomberg’s gorgeous headquarter is a pretty quiet place occupied floors 1-29 of the 55-story building.

The lounge displays wide-open TV studio, fish tanks and glass-wall

The Bloomberg is decorated with the curved escalator (one of two in the world), big color coded blocks, snack bar and little closets

Google office is located over the historic Chelsea Market and across from the Eighth Ave. The place has scooters and legos inside

The world headquarter of Internet Company IAC is absolutely a modern building by a modern architect Frank Gehry. The 10-story building is constructed with a glass façade and seems to flow in the wind

The IAC office has a salon, a training facility and a corporate headquarters

The Gawker’s founder, Nick Denton, wants to make his office a bit like a library

The NYC office of Creative Time offers a sense of enclosure and private for staffs thanks to reflective materials and orange sliding walls

The building of Creative Time has floor-to-ceiling glass and displaced ventilation

Estsy’s office is located in DUMBO, Brooklyn which has beautiful facade from a London telephone booth

The design of JWT office is based on branch of tree which looks modern with both color combination and the furnishing

The office houses DVF’s flagship store gets inspiration from historic buildings in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District. The building emphasizes on the distinctive facades and geometric glass structure was applied to the roof space