Phone Manufacturing Company Supports High School Musical Talents With Talent Search

One of the world’s biggest and leading telephone brands, Motorola, will be supporting a music talent contest called MySchoolAct. The winners will be given a record deal with the top recording production and studio company Sony Music Entertainment. He or she will also get a spot for the Big Day Out 2012 festival program. Most aspiring musicians or students who are looking to find jobs in the music industry should take advantage of this contest. Most of the students who would join this contest would consider audio production schools after high school. This contest will not only help the winner with a solid foundation with exposure, it will also give him or her a taste of what is to come if they were to pursue a job in the music industry. Aspiring musicians from different schools in the regional, metro and even the rural high schools from corner to corner of Australia are given the opportunity of a lifetime.

This opportunity can give them a bright future in the music industry and even help them get into the best audio production schools. The possibility of getting a record deal with a big music production company, Sony Music Entertainment, which is valued about $50,000. Besides that, they are also being included to join the line up of the Big Day Out 2012, Australia’s grandest and biggest music festival the tours from city to city. This possibility would not be possible without MySchoolAct and Motorola. MySchoolAct is basically an online musical talent competition which is exclusively made for Australian students who are in high school with the passion for music and the industry. The MySchoolAct supports all the music groups, choirs, bands and other that are within the schools. Best of all, this competition is for free. No sign up fees are needed. The MySchoolAct program has been planned to showcase all the incredible talents that high school musicians and bands across Australia have.

The program also enables these students to make or build and even interact with their fan base. They can post their videos and music on the site so everyone can see them. Higher education schools such as music collages and audio production schools have supported the program to let the high school students show their talent and become better at stage performance or when performing with an audience. Asides the main prizes, Motorola will also be given out merchandise.